We look forward to meeting with you and hearing what is on your mind. We respect your time and want to be ready to get down to business during your visit, so please help us prepare for the meeting by downloading and completing the appropriate forms from this page. All of the forms are electronically fillable, so that you can type the answers directly into the forms and print them instead of having to complete the forms by hand. The paralegals can also coordinate the attorneys calendars when you call and so that you can schedule an appointment to meet with the attorneys at a convenient time.

Estate Planning Intake Forms

Download and Follow Our Estate Plan Checklist: We always need information about our estate plan clients’ assets, income, and other important details so that we can understand each client’s situation and make appropriate recommendations. Our clients find it helpful to use a checklist to gather documents and information, so please click the following link and download our Estate Plan Checklist for Couples & Single People.

Download and Complete Our Estate Plan Questionnaire: Most single people have estate planning issues and opportunities that differ greatly from couples’ estate planning issues and opportunities. That is why we encourage single people to download and complete our Estate Plan Questionnaire for Single People, and we encourage couples to click the following link to download and complete our Estate Plan Questionnaire for Couples. Even if a person wants to discuss an estate plan separately from the person’s spouse or domestic partner, we still encourage a person living in a couple’s relationship to click the following link to download and complete our Estate Plan Questionnaire for Couples because it is difficult to make a plan for person living in a couple’s relationship without considering the person’s spouse or domestic partner in the planning process.

Call for an Appointment or for Checklist or Questionnaire Assistance: Please call our office at 812-268-8777 to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys and to ask any questions that you may have about gathering documents and completing the questionnaire.The paralegals will coordinate the attorneys’ calendars and schedule an appointment for you to meet with the attorneys. Our experienced paralegals’ answers may help you save a lot of time as you gather documents and complete the questionnaire.

Deliver the Completed Questionnaire and Checklist Documents to Us: You can bring the completed questionnaire and documents listed on the checklist to the initial meeting with the attorneys, but it helps us prepare more effectively and make better use of your time if we receive the questionnaire before the meeting. Our paralegals can provide convenient ways for you to deliver the questionnaire to us before the meeting if it is feasible for you to deliver the questionnaire to us ahead of time.